Lead Abatement Services

Lead – A Toxic Danger to You and Your Family

If your home was built before 1978, there’s a good chance that it was painted with lead-based paint. Lead was used in paint to give it longevity and durability until the broad public fully understood the metal’s toxic, poisonous nature. Lead is particularly harmful to children under the age of 6 since they haven’t fully developed a blood-brain barrier. Lead can cause permanent damage to a child’s nervous system, even causing mental disorders like ADD and ADHD. It can also cause developmental delays, retardation, infertility and a host of other problems. Lead accumulates in the body and is stored in the bones as it can mimic calcium. This lead can be released back into the blood stream in times of stress years later. The problem you face by living in a home with lead-based paint is that your family is continuously exposed to a lead hazard. If friction or impact is brought against a lead-painted surface, such as opening and closing windows and doors, that creates microscopic lead dust. Lead can come off your home in peeling paint, causing the soil around your home to become contaminated. Lead is sweet and was used by the ancient Romans to sweeten wine, so kids may even eat it. They can chew on window sills and come back because it is sweet. Lead dust can get on toys, in carpet and all over the house. All of this can create a toxic environment.

Solving the Problem and Protecting Your Family

J W Bailey Construction is fully licensed with all of the credentials and certification needed to perform lead abatement on your home. Lead in homes is always a risk factor, and that risk is greatly exacerbated when you start trying to perform renovations or repairs, or generally work on your home.

That’s why, whenever you hire a general contractor to perform work on an older home or structure, be sure they use lead safe work practices and are certified to handle lead. And if you know there is lead-based paint on your home, hire a lead abatement contractor. Our experienced and professional team is highly competent in dealing with lead-based building materials. We will perform any home improvements you desire and make your home safer in the process.

Our team uses the standard comprehensive approach to lead abatement, including:

  • Encapsulation
  • Enclosure
  • Removal
  • Component Replacement
  • Soil treatment

These methods safely eliminate the lead hazard in your home.

Some of the precautions that go into lead abatement include PPE (disposable coveralls, respirators, gloves, shoe covers), HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums to collect the lead dust, polyethylene sheathing for containment, Tack Matts to collect lead dust off our shoe covers, D- Wipes (wet wipes which efficiently collect dust) and a 3-bucket mop system for cleanup. All work areas have signs and caution tape warning people to stay out of the area until the work is complete. The work areas are completely contained with 6 mil plastic, and all lead dust and debris are properly contained and disposed of in trash bags labeled with lead hazard tape and goose-neck tied shut with duct tape.

When you hire us for your lead-abatement project, you can rest assured that the hazards of the lead-based paint in your home are gone.

If you are ready to greatly improve your home’s appeal and safety, please call J W Bailey Construction today at (260) 229-2996. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a quote!

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