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The family business started in 1986 with my father, Doug Bailey. He was the one who had led the way for his sons to gain all the knowledge and experience necessary to build a house. I remember as a kid, growing up with my older brothers, putting up new houses all over the place. We built spec homes and custom homes, as well as additions and remodeling. We also did some renovations on commercial buildings and lead abatement work for the City of Fort Wayne’s Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services. There was no job too big or too small for Bailey Construction. Today I am reminded of my father’s dedication to getting the job done right and his insistence upon honesty in every aspect of life. He created the foundation of what the business is today and continues to be our source of counsel. I am truly grateful to have him as a dad and this is where our company really started.

-Jeremy Bailey


About J W Bailey Construction

J W Bailey Construction is a business that’s been owned and operated within our family for over 37 years, The company brings our small town, local, family-built and cherished values into how we interact with our customers and how we perform work on our job sites.


Three Decades of Jobs Well Done

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced in the positive impact we’ve had on our lovely community. In our years of service to the homes and businesses of Fort Wayne:

  • We’ve completed over 100 lead abatement jobs for the city.
  • We’ve built 60 homes from the ground up (including spec homes and custom homes).
  • We’ve completed more than 70 home additions.
  • We’ve performed well over 1,000 roofing and siding projects.

Raising the Bar in Fort Wayne

Our reputation began with the Bailey family’s dedication to being the best building contractor in the region, and we’ve carried out that vision through the last three decades. We aim to be different from other contractors, to raise the bar, and even to change how building projects are done and how homeowners are treated. We want to set an example for others to follow, and we work to do just that every day.

Now Open in Columbus, Ohio!

We are pleased to announce that we have now opened a branch of our services in Columbus, Ohio.

We Take Great Care of Our People!

Our commitment to excellence does not just extend to our customers, but to our employees too. We pay our employees well, and they, in turn, perform fantastic service for us. Happy employees make for a great team, and we use that team to produce stellar results for our customers.

Easy to Work With

One of the perks of doing business with us is that we provide free rough-estimate pricing over the phone or via email. You can send us pictures of your project, we’ll have a brief discussion about it, and then we’ll give you some ballpark numbers on roughly what you can expect to spend. Then, if you’d like a detailed breakdown of exactly what your project will cost, we charge a nominal $150/hour consultation fee (these consultations rarely take more than one hour, and that cost comes off the work proposal if you choose us for your project).

Our Certifications and Credentials

When choosing someone to perform construction work on your home or business, it’s essential to hire the right type of expert. For example, there is a big difference between a general contractor and a handyman, and you’d want to make sure you were hiring the right one for your project. A handyman can take on simple repairs and tasks, such as fixing a leaking sink or replacing a ceiling fan. But for larger, more complex projects, you’ll want to hire a general contractor.

Here are some of the certifications, licenses, and credentials that our company has earned:

  • J W Bailey Construction is fully certified to design and install GAF Roofing Systems. GAF was the first company to introduce energy efficient asphalt shingles, and we’re proud to work with their top-notch products.
  • J W Bailey Construction is also fully licensed as a lead abatement contractor. This extraordinarily involved and complicated certification process has made us one of the only General Contractors in the Fort Wayne area sufficiently trained and licensed to tackle lead abatement projects.
  • A Residential Contractor is limited to residential construction. A Building Contractor can perform residential and commercial work up to three stories. A General Contractor is unlimited in the scope of work that they can perform. J W Bailey is a General Contractor.
  • Per the Allen County regulations and codes, a General Contractor is required to carry a license to perform work within the county. We have all the licensing, certification, and insurance needed to perform work, and you can request copies of this information at any time.
  • A General Contractor in Allen County must have passed a test demonstrating a higher understanding of the International Building Code. Our team at J W Bailey Construction respects the building codes. They are there to ensure quality workmanship, employ the most advanced techniques available, and protect homeowners and business owners.

A Commitment to Honesty

J W Bailey believes that honesty wins the day, 100% of the time. As a general contractor with decades of experience, we know that homeowners are left with a bad taste after dealing with dishonest contractors. That’s why we promise to treat you with honesty, integrity, and truthfulness.

A Tradition of Excellence

Quality work leads to pride in a job well done. That’s why, at J W Bailey, we approach every job with a dedication to excellent craftsmanship. Professional work leads to happy clients, and that makes us happy, in turn.

A Dedication to Our Clients

There’s nothing our team likes more than servicing return clients, which is why we dedicate our efforts to each client, treating their homes like they were our own.

That’s how we’ve built a client base of Fort Wayne residents who use our team on their projects over and over again.

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