Siding Services


When Siding Becomes a Problem

Think of siding as your house’s outer shell, the protective layer that keeps the outside elements outside. We often underestimate just how much our siding is doing for us, not only in the form of protecting our homes but in the aesthetic appeal it provides as well.

However, when siding is not operating in tip-top shape, it can be quite the problem. Damaged or missing siding can allow inclement weather into the home, causing the house to become uncomfortably hot or cold. Furthermore, rain and snow can get in, which then creates a long list of other problems. All of this can turn into a big headache very quickly.

We offer a variety of siding options to meet any budget, including:

  • Hardie Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Shake Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Stone Siding
  • Mastic Brand Siding
  • Polaris Brand Siding

J W Bailey Construction – The Siding Experts

The experienced and knowledgeable crews at J W Bailey Construction have replaced and installed siding on hundreds of homes over the years. Siding is one of our specialties, and we’re proud of that because we know the value and importance of properly maintaining the exterior of a home.

If your siding is not functioning correctly, if it looks ugly or needs to be replaced, our team will take this problem off your hands and repair or replace your home’s exterior coverings. It’s important to choose a good contractor for a siding project, because if the siding is not installed properly, it can cause mold, rot, deterioration, water leaks, and other issues. All of these problems can come about if your contractor does not properly install your siding material. Our team at J W Bailey Construction will always install all of the parts of your siding correctly.

Peace of Mind in New, Perfect Siding

Imagine how good you’ll feel once the siding on your home is complete and you no longer have to worry about it. You can rest in peace and comfort knowing that rain, snow, wind, ice, and other inclement weather are no longer getting into your home and causing damage.

You can also rest easy knowing that your home looks fantastic too! And last but not least, your property value just went up as a result of getting new siding. Call today at (260) 229-2996 for a detailed and thorough estimate of your project.

“Jeremy and his crew are amazing!! They are very customer service oriented…firm believers in making sure the customer is fully happy and satisfied. Did an excellent job on my siding…. Very good with communication and answering any questions that you may have. They will be back to do a couple more things for me in the very near future! I definitely would recommend you giving them a call!”

- Monica R.