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When Gutters Become a Problem

Gutters perform a critical function on a home. Through eavestroughs (horizontal guttering units), and downspouts (vertical guttering units), gutter systems transfer rainwater off the roof, down to the ground, and away from the house.

Unfortunately, when gutters are not operating correctly, when they become damaged or clogged, that poses a risk to your home’s structural integrity and cosmetic appeal.

Gutters can stop working for usually one of two reasons:

  • A heavy storm or old age damages the guttering units in some way, preventing the flow of water through the gutters, down to the ground, and away from the home.
  • Lack of proper care and maintenance causes the gutters to become clogged with leaves, sticks, acorns, plants, birds’ nests, and other objects. Once blocked, the gutters will cease to function correctly.

Making Sure Your Gutters Operate Properly

Your home is put at risk when gutters stop working correctly. The purpose of gutters is to keep water away from the house, and when gutters don’t function properly, water is allowed to:

  • Pool at the edge of the roof, in the valley, or around eaves, chimneys, and other roof installations.
  • Collect around windows and doors.
  • Collect at the ground-level, immediately up against the house.

All of this is harmful. Water should not be allowed to collect anywhere near a home, as excess runoff water flowing and pooling around chimneys, eaves, windows, doors, and the foundation poses a risk to the home, inside and out. Too much water in these areas can cause leaks, promote the growth of mold and mildew, and damage exterior paint, mortar, stonework, masonry, vinyl finishes, caulking, seams, nail and screw heads, etc.

J W Bailey Construction makes your gutters work, whether that entails simply servicing, cleaning, and maintaining the gutters, or whether that involves replacing them.

Feel Great About Gutters that Work

Just imagine how great you will feel, knowing your home has gutters that work properly. Finally, your home’s exterior siding, windows, doors, roof eaves, foundation, and crawlspace/basement are protected from water damage, mold, rot, and deterioration, all thanks to a simple but effective guttering system.

If you want to have this comfort and peace of mind for your own home, call our office today at (260) 229-2996 for a detailed and thorough estimate of your gutter maintenance or replacement project.

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