Remodeling Services

The Problem

The problem our customers face with remodeling is they are not sure how to tackle such an extensive project on their own. Homeowners can see the value in renovation, and they certainly know what they want their home to look like when it’s done. But how do they get there? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Can the work be performed by trained, ethical, and experienced professionals? Will there be any problems, accidents, or injuries along the way?

But above and beyond all of that, the even bigger problem is going on through life without having the perfect, fully remodelled home.

The Solution

When families choose to change their home’s design and appearance significantly, they commit to creating the home they really want. And as for how to get there, J W Bailey Construction will be your guide and assist you in this process from beginning to end.

Our expertise, compassion for our clients’ hopes and aspirations, and commitment to excellence combined with experienced crews will make all the difference in ensuring your remodel is carried out to perfection.

Framing and Decks – Popular Remodeling Services

Some of our most commonly requested remodeling services are our framing service and our deck-building service.

Framing requires a fair amount of specialty tools and a great deal of trade knowledge, physical stamina, and willingness to work long hours to get a structure fully built while good weather holds. Once our crew embarks on a framing task, we work long hours, day after day, in an effort to get the project built as quickly as possible. We know that a framing remodel on your home can be hectic and even stressful, so we promise to complete the project to maximum satisfaction, and in as short of a time-window as possible.

Decks are another popular service that J W Bailey Construction offers. We often get requests for decks, as they are a great, affordable way to enjoy the warmer months. A deck can be designed and built in a matter of a few days, and it can completely change the outdoor curb appeal of any house. And last but not least, a well-built deck improves the resale value of a home!

What You Get Out of Remodeling

A remodel is one of the most significant undertakings that homeowners can embark upon. At the same time, it’s also one of the most rewarding. When done well (and we guarantee that we’ll do it well), a renovation can completely change the appearance and function of a home.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience daily by having the type of home that meets your needs completely. That’s what you’ll get out of remodeling your home with J W Bailey Construction. Call our office today at (260) 229-2996 to schedule a thorough consultation.

remodeling contractor fort wayne indiana
remodeling contractor fort wayne indiana

“Excellent contractor. Professional, detailed work, able to get the job done in a timely matter, and gives fair and honest estimates. So glad that my husband and I used them and plan to use them again in the near future!”

- Cay J.