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When a Window Becomes a Problem

Windows are the eyes of a home. They let light in, but they also allow you to see out. They prevent the house from feeling like a closed-off space, and they keep you connected with the outside world.

Unfortunately, windows can also be a problem. They become a problem when they do not function properly, when panes break, when they are painted shut, when they no longer prevent warm or cold air from escaping from the home, when they no longer prevent warm or cold air from getting into the house from the outside, when they become outdated or too damaged to see out of, etc.

The Solution

J W Bailey Construction is the solution to any window-related need you may have. Our crews are experts in this trade, a licensed and experienced team of workers who can perform any window-related task, whether that involves replacing a window pane, installing a new window, removing an old one, fixing a broken window, etc.

We’ll make your window project easy, painless, and stress-free by using the best windows on the market that meet your needs and that fit your budget.

Here’s a quick look at some of the window options we offer:

We strongly recommend Pella or Polaris windows. Not only are these windows top-quality when it comes to energy efficiency (keeping your home climate controlled), but these windows also last for decades without needing replacement. We also strongly recommend vinyl windows for their affordability, durability, and ease in maintaining.

For the most part, we install Ultraweld Polaris windows as this is the best vinyl window on the market when considering price and quality.

Wood windows have their unique appeal, and when a customer decides to go with wood windows, we recommend Pella windows. Pella windows are the definition of luxury in wood windows, offering a timeless, eternal wood appeal with the option to add blinds inside the window. Furthermore, Pella offers a superior warranty, ensuring you are getting stunning wood windows that last for decades.

We can also offer several design options in windows, including adding-on accessories like blinds, drapes, etc.

We’re also able to take on any window job, big or small. Whether you need just one window repaired or an entire house’s worth of windows replaced, no job is too big or too small for our competent team.

Peace of Mind in Functioning, Safe, and Secure Windows

There is a great deal of relief and peace of mind that comes to any homeowner once a window project is completed. Broken, outdated, or nonfunctioning windows are an eyesore and a headache. But a repaired window, a replaced one, or simply just a refurbished window that looks great and functions well allows you to relax and enjoy your home!

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“Impeccable level of quality work and high level of attention to detail. Will use J W Bailey for other projects. Highly recommend.”

- Brent S.